I've Got the Blues Week : Day 4- 'Aruba Blue'

Hiiiiiiiiii ;)

Im not so sure I'm going to have time to post tomorrow due to a full day, so i'm going to go ahead and post tomorrow's polish- tonight.

Quickly, I give you Essie's 'Aruba Blue'.
* fluorescent lighting

*regular indoor lighting

Above is two coats of 'Aruba Blue'. It's a beautiful, sapphire blue with a slight shimmer. It actually reminds me very much of China Glaze's 'Blue Year's Eve'- swatched here. I loved the richness and glossy-ness of this polish. I'm not usually a fan of deep/bright blue on my hands, but this polish really began to grow on me. The consistency was a little thin/watery for my liking, but it was good enough. As with most Essie's, you can find it at the Targets, Walmarts, Walgreens, etc. :)

'Aruba Blue' calls to mind a beach scene,.
& this song is one of my favorite beachy tunes :)


  1. This is so pretty. I love that it's intense and pops! The shot with your fingers straight is a gorgeous angle! I like that one the best. =)

  2. kaki, thanks girl! It's such a rich polish and really grew on me


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