Fall Apple Picking

Today is the first day of Fall!
Finally :)
In honor of that, I have my first official Fall indie polish for you today.
This is actually a polish from last year,
but my blog was still in it's infancy when I first swatched it,
and I figured it'd be good to go back  and swatch it again :)

Here's 1 coat of 'Apple Picking' from Oopsie Daises over Zoya's 'Flynn '.

^ in shade

'Apple Picking' is a clear base with red & green microglitter
and medium sized orange, yellow, red, & green hex glitter.
It's perfect for Fall, and I really loved it over' 'Flynn'.

Formula from 'Apple Picking' couldn't have been better,
and it applied awesomely- no toothpick to dig glitters out here!

What do you guys think?


  1. Such a cute fall combination!

  2. perfect fall mani. yay for my favorite season!!


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