*REVIEW* Sibu Sea Buckthorn Balancing Facial Cleanser

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I was thrilled, excited, & honored to be contacted several weeks ago by a rep from Sibu Beauty asking if I would be willing to do a review of their products.
They sent me the Balancing Facial Cleanser,
and here's my experience & review!
Read on for all the dirty details... ;P

*pic taken from Sibu's website^

Some of it's Claims: 
- leaves skin radiant and refreshed
- removes extra oil/impurities
- created from sea buckthorn berry, which contains over 190 bioactive compounds, such as omega 7 (see more info on that here) fatty acids that renew, revitalize, & repair
- all natural
- for all skin types
- contains micro particles for gentle exfoliation
- can be used to remove makeup
-non-foaming gel


The product comes in a clean, fresh looking, and professional packaging.
I really loved it's look :)
The box that the cleanser comes in (seen in first pic)
contains tons of info about the cleanser and sea buckthorn in general,
which is fantastic for brand new consumers, such as myself.

As the directions state, I used a quarter-ish sized amount twice a day,
morning and night. I wasn't sure what to expect from this product since I had never tried it or anything else from the company before.

As it says, the cleanser is a non-foam gel:
Here you can juuuust see the micro-particles that give that great exfoliation as you work it onto your face. Work this into a lather & massage onto face/neck, then rinse off with lukewarm water. 

- Sea buckthorn berry! It's a gem that's been fairly undiscovered in the beauty world, and has so much to offer. Definitely distinguishes this product/line from the others
- great for all skin types 
- great for removing my makeup
- micro-beads; even though a lot of facial cleansers have this, not all do- and it's something that I personally WANT to have in my cleanser. Just leaves you feeling so much more clean!
- Definitely left my skin feeling refreshed and clean
- cruelty free!
- $17.95 on their website!

 - I personally would have liked it to have more of a scent. There was a hint of one (and it was good!), but not much.
- Depending on your budget, the price tag could be a tad too expensive. I always say, though, you get what you pay for!

This company is legit and has a plethora of amazing products to choose from, if they're anything like this cleanser. The facial cleanser left my face clean and refreshed, not to mention all the added benefits of the sea buckthorn berry & omega 7 fatty acids.
I'm super excited and anxious to try more of their products, and I certainly recommend giving this company and product a go, especially if you're looking for something different than what you can find on the Walmart shelves :)
RATING (OUT OF 10): 9.5

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