OPI: 50 Shades of Grey mini collection (part 1)

Well, most females on the planet know by now that
50 Shades of Grey is coming out in two weeks.
As such, (and since Valentine's Day is right around the corner),
I figured I'd do a couple posts featuring OPI's mini collection in honor of the movie.

here's the entire collection:


Today, I just have a couple swatches from the collection for you.

First up is 'My Silk Tie'.

Pictured here is 2 coats. 'My Silk Tie' is a silky, metallic silver. Consistency was good,
and it's just as lovely as any other metallic foil :) Lives up to it's name, for sure.

Next up is 'Cement the Deal':

'Cement the Deal' is a lovely, medium to light grey creme.
This is with 2 coats.

I was very pleased with the formula and color of both these polishes.
So far, they are definitely sultry and live up to their collection's intention.
Stay tuned tomorrow to see the rest! :)

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  1. I really love silvers an grays - but I'm not a fan of the collection as a whole. Reminds me of the MLB collection, not enough variety. The one red just sticks out like a sore thumb too


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