Revlon's Matte Lip Balm- 'Sultry'

Happy Sunday Funday!
Ya'll know I have a slight obsession with Revlon's matte lip balms.
I snagged a new shade in the grocery store the other day,

Sultry is a medium-rose shade.

Here it is in indoor lighting:

... and natural lighting:
(definitely more pink)

I'm IN LOVE with these lip balms.
There hasn't been a single once I've tried that I didn't like.
They're a great price, go on super smoothly, last long, smell good, and are super easy to apply.
What more could you want?!

I haven't tried the lip balms that have a shine/sheen to them yet as matte is my favorite look.
Have you tried any of Revlon's balms- matte or not?

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