OPI's 50 Shades of Grey Collection (part 2)

Here's round 2 of the polishes for 50 Shades of Grey from OPI.
(see the first post here)

For today,
I have my two favorite from the whole collection.
First up is 'Cement the Deal'.

'Cement the Deal' is a nice, medium-grey creme.
Obviously, reminiscent of cement... or at least the was the intention.
The formula on this was pretty good, but a little thin.
This is with 3 coats.

It's nice :)

Next up is 'Shine for Me':

'Shine for Me' is a clear base that's tightly packed with silver, grey, and dark blue micro glitter.
It's pictured here over 'Cement the Deal',
and it's actually pretty awesome.
It's nothing all that creative,
but the formula was good and it sparkles :)

Stay tuned for the last of the collection soon!

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