* REVIEW * Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer Pencil

Happy Monday!
I've been out of work for a whole week because of the ice/snow,
so it's hard to go back to work today.

Anyway... on to today's post :)
I've never used concealer.
I grabbed one from Ulta a couple days ago,
and I've been giving it the old college try.

The Product

I bought DEA (;p heh) as it goes best with my skin tone.

Some of it's Claims:
- dries matte
- long lasting
- easy to apply with "precise application" b/c it's a pencil
- covers blemishes and dark circles easily
- sharpens for long use

The Review
Okay so- as I'm getting a little older,
I've decided to try/start using a concealer.
I've never used one before,
but the bags/darkness under my eyes is more of a regular battle than it used to be.
since I've had tons of luck with UD's Naked foundation,
it only made sense to try their concealer, too.

Here's my face prior to any foundation or concealer:

The flash helps a little,
but I've got some baggage going on under my eyes...
not to mention some blemishes (thanks facial tanner)
and redness going on.

So, after applying my Naked foundation, 
I applied the concealer under my eyes.
I used to suggested triangle method,
so as not to look like a raccoon :)
Heres the before & after for each eye:

- easy to apply
- I love that it dries matte, just like my foundation
- Blends easily (I used a sponge)
- Comes in 8 different shades to choose from
- easily brightens up dark circles/blemishes

- a little pricey at $20
- must buy UD's Grindhouse pencil sharpener (another $10) 
in order to sharpen this concealer

It's true that I don't have a whole lot to compare this concealer to
since I've not really tried any others yet.
(though I plan to!)
That being said, I did use UD's claims as my basis for comparison and judgment.
You can easily tell in the pictures the noticeable difference between
my eyes before the concealer and after.
I definitely feel like I look more awake/younger,
(can't believe i'm saying that... i'm only 25 after all! humph)
and it also easily covered any blemishes.
I do like how it dries matte and was uber easy to apply, too.
I know UD makes a liquid concealer for $8 more than this pencil,
but I have a feeling it would be a bit harder to apply.
The only thing that really kind of bugs me is that
 I now have to buy the $10 pencil sharpener in order to use it :/

All in all, very pleased. Well worth the $20.

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  1. i like that this is a pencil which is really cool, but I hate that they make you buy the special sharpener :( I have an eyebrow wax that I love but I never use it because I haven't bought the sharpener for it yet haha.


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