little favorites #3

My daughter's crib came in today, & only after crying for a little bit, she fell fast asleep in it :)
Such a relief, considering she's been sleeping in her swing basically since she was born almost 5 months ago 0_O.

on to tonight's little favorite:

Urban Decay's 'Sparkling Lickable Body Powder', cocoa flavored

I got this as a gift several years ago,
& it's still one my favorite things to add a bit of spice to myself.

This a a lovely, shimmery powder that can be dusted on anywhere you want to have that extra sparkle- and yes, it's totally edible/lickable/what have you, and tastes YUMMY- exactly like cocoa. I prefer to dust a tiny bit on my face, chest(especially if the girls are peeking about for the night), and sometimes shoulders if they're bare. 
It gives a nice, simple, dazzling look.
It also comes with this sweet leopard pouf to dust with :)

You can find this on Amazon, but for $26 (it retails for about $29). boo.
Believe it or not, Urban Decay's website actually has it for cheaper b/c it's on sale,
& you can get it here for $9! holla!

It's also offered in two other flavors (honey and marshmellow),
but I just personally like this one the best.
Plus, at least for right now,
the other two are full price.


  1. This reminds me of something you'd see at a passion party! Haha I've never heard of edible body powder! =P

  2. lolol, funny you say that, because I'm totally hosting one soon! :p

    but yeah this stuff is great :) you should buy some!


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