oonz oonz oonz

^ techno beat

Hey guys,
hope everyone has had a lovely weekend. I had some family come down and spend time with myself and my daughter, and t'was good times.
tonight's polish just might be in my top 10. or even 5.
It's amazingness is neverending :L

China Glaze's 'Techno' !! :tone

*outside, no flash

* fluorescent light

I chose to not use it as a topcoat because I wanted you to see the sheer greatness of it, even on it's own. I used 3 coats here & no topcoat.

pure awesomeness :e

I literally can hardly take my eyes off this little guy. Every few seconds I grab up the bottle and just twirl it around to see the explosion of color from every direction. It's pretty pathetic. and mesmerizing. 

So, 'Techno' is a clear base with tiny and then large hexagonal holographic glitter, and it's from CG's Electropop collection.

Im quite anxious to just use a coat or two of it over something else next.

Anyway, short post tonight- but there you have it!


  1. Your posts never fail to make me laugh. I love the title. I was like, what the...? Then I saw your first sentence and now I'm jamming to my own beat - oonz oonz oonz. I'm such a 'tard. Anyway, I love this polish. I haven't gotten any from this collection but my fingers are starting to itch for more polish!

    1. hahah, well glad I can make SOMEONE besides myself laugh O_o you should definitely get some of this collection- they've been great so far!

  2. Does yours have a really awkward smell to it? Like a combination of feet and old cheese? Mine does and I almost hate using it for that reason alone! =P It is a really pretty glitter, though!

    1. LMAOLMAOLMAO, that sounds horrid! I haven't noticed a weird smell... but then again, I DO live with an infant and a guy so i'm kinda used to smelling weird, bad things all the time haha


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