n00b week!: Day 5- 'Rich & Famous'

Giants won the Superbowl (yay!), and Tom Brady can suck it.

So n00b week continues today with this lovely, girly little polish. This is something I NEVER would have worn a year ago in my anti-girly mindset. However, I really love it now :)

China Glaze's 'Rich & Famous'

* sorry these last 2 pictures are blurry :f I was in a hurry today when I shot them; trying to beat my daughter waking up from her nap :$ I promise they'll be better next time!

So 'Rich & Famous' is a rich, medium, bubblegum creme pink. Though perhaps not a unique shade, it's super fun and frisky. It'll be a great summer polish 8) I noticed I really didn't have that many creme polishes, so I bought this with that in mind.

Simple, I know. But I like it nonetheless!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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