Black Orchid tanning lotion review

I thought I'd dedicate a quick post for those of you who (like myself) may be getting a head start on your tan for the summer.

I usually am not a huge fan of tanning beds, but prefer to lay out come summertime...
However, after not being to tan AT ALL last summer due to being preggo,
I wanted to make sure I was going to have a glorious tan this year :$
So on to the tanning salon I went.

Prior to doing so, I bought this fantastic little number:

Supre's 'Black Orchid' Quadruple Bronzer

This stuff is great.
I was fair skinned when I started, so I knew I needed something that wasn't going to cause me to burn or just be overall bad for my skin type.
Though "quadruple bronzer" sounds over-the-top for a light skinned person,
It ended up being perfect.
Now, I'm sure some of that had to 
do with how LONG I let myself stay in the tanning bed when using said lotion (I start out at 5 min, then slowly work my way up- but that's just what I've found works best for me)
... but still :)

First off,
the bottle is HUGE and lasts forever.
( even for me, who tends to use a generous amount before tanning)
It works quicker than most- showing results about 12 hours after tanning.
After like 2 or 3 days of using this, I already noticed a difference- & that's rare. 
For me, anyway.

PLUS your color lasts longer than a lot of other lotions I've tried. 
It smells lovely, made with avocado and coconut extracts, 
so I don't smell all nasty & gross after I get out.

The biggest perk of this lotion (aside from the almost instant color) is the way it makes my skin FEEL. Now of course this was the last item on my mind when I was looking for a tanning lotion,
but my skin seriously almost feels as soft as my infant daughter's.
It's that awesome.

I bought it from this fantastic website,
which has a TON of lotions for dirt cheap, considering.
Regular retail price for mine is $57-
and I got it for about $26!
Another plus with them,
shipping was super fast :D

So yeah,
definitely a good place to hit up if any of you are looking to begin tanning soon.
I'm also in the process of trying some new nail art,
so hopefully I'll have some of that up soon!

Ya'll havea  good night!


  1. I know a kid named Tanner and that sounds exactly like a joke he would make! Hahaha

    1. lololol. It's totally the only joke my Tanner has. & he tells it over... and over...


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