ruh-roh raggy--dupes?

hello all!
I took a slight hiatus this weekend because we went back into Knoxville to see all our family and friends, & it was pretty awesome, for the most part.

Tonight I have a little post that I just wanted to do for myself, if nothing else.
I've bought 3 crazy good multi-colored glitter polishes over the past couple months, and now I realize that - they're basically all the same.
sigh xP

So here I have a comparison to show you!

*From L to R:
Finger Paint's 'Fun-Fetti'
NOPI's 'Rainbow in the S-kylie'
Ulta's 'Pinata-Yada-Yada'


Can you guess which is which?

So yeah, 
they all totally look almost exactly the same- aside from very subtle differences.
The first on the nail wheel is the Ulta polish. It's a clear base with small hexagonal gold, magenta, orange, green, dark blue, silver, and red glitter. Then it has larger hexagonal glitter in magenta gold, silver, and orange.

The next on the nail wheel is the NOPI from the Kardashian Kolor collection. Quite honestly, this really looks the EXACT same as Ulta's version. Of course with a clear base, 'Rainbow in the S-kylie' has small, hexagonal magenta, silver, gold, orange, green, and light blue glitter. The larger pieces of glitter are the same colors. What gives this polish an almost pastel feel is the light blue rather than dark blue, and the absence of red.

Lastly, we have the Finger Paints polish- my favorite. This polish has a clear base with teeeeeeeny tiny green glitter, small hexagonal glitter in orange, gold, silver, and magenta... and then loads of large hexagonal pieces of glitter in the above colors plus green, red, and dark blue. The concentration of large glitter in this polish is greater than the other two, and really adds a glamorous touch to the polish. 

Though all the polishes use verrrrry similar colors, I find the colors in 'Fun-Fetti' to be the richest. It glistens more in the sun, and is therefore more mesmerizing :)

Do any of you have these?
What are your thoughts?


  1. And these aren't the only 3. These r also dupes for OPI Rainbow Connection. And Milani Gems.

  2. yep! I knew about Rainbow Connection, but i've never heard of the Milani. it's too bad.

  3. I tagged you in 2 awards :) Here's the link


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