n00b week! Day 4- 'Kim-pletely in Love' & 'Fabulous is my Middle Name'

Happy Friday!
I hope everyone has had a fabulous week! I'm ready to sit back and relax this weekend, myself.

so today I've got an interesting pair for you.
I recently bought both of them (obvi) and hadn't planned on using them together, but I actually quite like the way it turned out.

NOPI's 'Kim-pletely in Love' & 'Fabulous is my Middle Name'

My camera just isn't good enough to really capture the delicate amazingness of 'Kim-pletely in Love', so go here for a good swatch.

So here's how it turned out.
* fluorescent light, no flash

* sunlight, no flash

I used 2 coats of 'Kim-pletely in Love' and 2 coats of 'Fabulous is my Middle Name', also.
The former (part of the Kardashian Kolor Collection) is a beautiful, delicate, light pink with a blue micro-shimmer, though you can't see it in my pictures because it's so subtle... but it's really neat. It's fairly sheer, so I'd suggest putting it over a nice pink base coat.

'Fabulous is my Middle Name' is a BRAND NEW polish just released this past January exclusively at Walmart stores (it was released with 2 others, also). It's a clear base with tiny silver glitter, and then larger red, charcoal, and pink confetti glitter. I don't have any other polish like this, which is what made me snatch it up.


now that I've seen it on, I really can't get past the fact that it looks like pubes on my nails :x Gross, I know. Either that OR whiskers... like after a guy shaves. It looks like a guy shaved right over my pink, yet-to-dry nails, so now they look furry and pube-y. Sigh.

What do you guys think?
Maybe I can get past it the longer I wear it...


  1. OMG. Haha. pubes! I'd like to know what guy you know how sparkly bright colored pubes. ahahahaha I liked the polish, now I can't stop giggling when I see it. =)

  2. LOLOLOLLLLLL. I can't stop laughing at your furry fingernails!


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