Urban Decay's Mariposa Palette!

I wanted to hug the little nerdy delivery man when he placed the box in my hands.

I've been so excited for this palette. It has some of my favorite classic shades & 4 BRAND new shades. 'Tis awesome.

Okay, here we go:

First is 'Rockstar' which is a deep, eggplant purple. I've never used a shade like this on my eyes & am anxious to try it and see what I think. 'Gunmetal' is a classic & one of my personal favorites. I first discovered it in Book of Shadows II. It's a dark grey with tiny silver glitter and can be worn with a myriad of looks. 'Skimp' is a fleshy, matte-ish shade. I've never used this one before either, but I'm not usually a fan of matte shades so i'm not sure how often i'll use it. 'Infamous' reminds me very much of 'Junkshow' from the 15th Anniversary palette. It's not quite as vibrant but still very colorful. It actually makes it more versatile. 'Wreckage' is reminiscent of 'Underground' (one of my all time favorite shades), 'Nylon', and 'YDK'. It's a shimmery medium dark brown and is definitely a shade I see myself using on a daily basis.

I'm a sucker for blues and 'Haight' definitely met my expectations. It's slightly similar to 'Deep End' from the 15th anniversary palette, though it's much darker. 'Haight' is a teal-ish, medium dark blue with a slight shimmer. 'Money' is a medium, shimmery, dark-grey with teeny pieces of silver glitter, also. I'm excited about this shade because I can definitely see myself using it regularly. 'Mushroom' was one of my favorites shades from Book of Shadows vol. II. It's a grey-ish, shimmery brown. 'Spotlight' is a light and shiny champagne color that reminds me of 'Sellout'. I already love this shade because it looks awesome with 'Wreckage' and other neutral tones, which are what I use most often. Lastly, 'Limelight' is a golden, coppery shade with tiny golden glitter.

As with all UD eye shadows, the staying power of all these shades is fantastic. Many of the shades in this palette blend together very well, which makes them all the more fun to play around with. I'm hopefully going to post a look with a few of them tomorrow :)

What do you guys think? Do any of you have these shades or any particular thoughts on them?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Oh. Em. Gee. This looks amazing! So jealous. Now I have to get it! Can't wait to see some looks. I need new eye makeup ideas. I'm getting boring.


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