Urban Decay haul!!

Happy Friday!
Man, have I got some exciting new goodies for you today! :D
So I was meandering around in Ulta the other day,
and I finally decided to buy a couple things i've had my eyes on for awhile now.
We've had a lot of nail polish the past couple weeks,
let's get back to my first love- makeup!

Here's my haul:
UD's Ammo palette, UD's 24/7 Blending Brush, sample of UD's brand new liquid foundation, AND UD's 'Asphyxia'

I want to focus on the palette for now.
(i'll do posts featuring the other items soon, don't worry :p)

So this is UD's Ammo palette:

Now this palette is nothing new; it was released awhile ago.
I had kind of overlooked it, because i THOUGHT I already had most of the shades here in other palettes- but turns out I was wrong. Finally realizing this, I quickly scooped it up.
The only shade from this I already have is 'Sin'. I've had 'Sin' forever, and its one of my absolute favorite neutrals. Many of the other shades in this palette remind me faintly of other UD shades, but I bought it anyway :p

Let's see swatches!

As you can see, it's a mixture of all kinds of velvety shades. All of that amazing shimmer that I love most about UD, while 3 are even packed with some microglitter. I have a couple UD shades already that have microglitter, and i'm not a super big fan of them- but I have a feeling I might change my mind after using these :)

Do any of you have this palette?
Or shades?
What are your thoughts?
Have a great day! :)


  1. Gorgeous palette. I don't have this palette but now that I look at it again, I kinda want it!! Can't wait to see some looks from you with it. AND I really want to try the Naked foundation, I've heard nothing but good things about it.

    1. yeah all i got was a sample, but I'm hoping to save up so I can buy the real thing c: and yeah it's quite the awesome little palette! id definitely recommend

  2. i LOVE urban decayyyy <3 <3 this was my first palette! since then i racked up a few more, plus individual colors...and an enormous amount of eyeliner :-P cant wait to see the amazing makeup looks with these colors!

    1. me too, girlllll! they're fantastic. i have almost all the palettes so when I saw this sucker I knew I had to snag it :x

  3. I like mildew! Do you normally have luck with liquid foundations? I've never been able to do those.

    1. me too! it's so silky and yummy looking. What kind of foundation to you use? I've found liquid foundations to be really touch and go- there are some great ones, and some ones that are just icky. I use Maybelline's Fit Me Foundation. I did a review of it here awhile back:

      see if this helps! :)

  4. I like mildew! Do you normally have luck with liquid foundations? I've never been able to do those.


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