Dollish Polish's 'Dolly DOES Polish' review (pic heavy)

Greetings, ladies!
So some of you may have seen my little 'adult' series I did recently featuring an entire collection from Dollish Polish.
There were so many polishes and posts that I figured I would now do a concise post summarizing my thoughts about the collection as a whole, in case any of you want to purchase it or any other polishes from her!

Here's the entire collection- 'Dolly DOES Polish'.

This is a set of 9 minis of a rainbow of gorgeous shimmers, each with glass flecks of assorted colors. I got the entire collection here for $40.50.
What drew me most to this collection (aside from me being a sucker for shimmer) was each polish's HILARIOUS name. In case you haven't noticed by the collection's title- they're all sexual innuendos of some kind. Right up my alley ;P

In case you missed any of my series, here's a quick pic summary of each polish.

'Slippery When Wet'
'Skeet Skeet Skeet'

'Baby Gravy'

'Dining at the Pink Taco'

I really have nothing but good things to say about these guys.
Here's what I liked:
- Arrived in the mail super fast
- Beautiful shimmers every color of the rainbow that sparkle like crazy in sunlight!
- Great consistency
- Went on SUPER, super smoothly and flawlessly
- Many were sheer, but it was very easy to build opacity
- Dried quickly
- Did not easily chip

What I didn't like:
- the price :/ At $40 (before tax), it has each mini selling for about $4.50. BUT- It's actually a pretty standard price for indie polish maker's minis, and totally worth it for these little beauties!

All in all, a fantastic product that I'm very glad I purchased. Go here for this collection & many other of her polishes!!

Which polish is your favorite from the series?
Let me know! :)

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