More UD goodies & Essie NOTD (pic heavy)

Hello, fine people!
Happy Friday!
I've got some more exciting little goodies to share with you today :)
BUT, first I want to get my little NOTD.

I was browsing in Walgreens awhile ago and came across an Essie display with some fantastic little numbers, so I grabbed a couple. 
One of these was 'Pilates Hottie' !
*Two coats*

'Pilates Hottie' is a very light lilac creme. It was a little underwhelming on the shelf, but on my nails- i love it! It totally surprised me. As with many other Essies and cremes (for me), application was a little tough. Two coats was more than enough to achieve opacity, though, and like I said- it's really a great little toned-down shade. Gives you a pop of color but is calming enough to not be too crazy. 

Moving on to my Urban Decay goodies!
So many of you know UD had a AWESOME, HUGE sale a few days ago.
Despite having just dropped some money at Ulta on some UD products, i couldn't NOT take advantage of the sale O_o
Here's what I got!

I got allllll this for $43! Now that's what i'm talking about.

Holiday nail kit. Nothing new, but i've had my eyes on it for awhile. I've never tried any UD nail polishes!

'The Black Palette'
Obviously punk rock, AC/DC, Black Sabbath inspired with some rockin' rich, jewel toned shadows. The only I already have is 'Cobra', so i'm stoked to try these out.

Here's swatches!

Also, I got 2 vintage eyeshadows (normally $17 bucks apiece) for $9 each!

Turns out that (oopsies) I already have 'Last Call' in another palette I just bought :X
SO, methinks i'll put that in my next giveaway!
I'll have swatches/a look with these soon.

SO, what do you think about my little haul?
Or about the Essie?
Let me know! :)

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