Glitterdaze- 'Flower Girl'

I have the last polish in the little group I bought from GlitterDaze awhile ago for you tonight.
(see the others here, here, and here)
Without further ado,
here's 'Flower Girl'.

1 coat of 'Flower Girl' over 2 coats of OPI.

So this is 'Flower Girl' over OPI's 'Pink Friday'
(please excuse the total crap job of nail painting).
'Flower Girl' is a clear base with a rainbow of different colored hexagonal glitters inside, including holographic pink, red, green, turquoise, orange and gold bar glitter, and purple flower glitter- thus it's name.

This is a great topcoat that can go with almost any polish, but after trying it over a variety of colors, I liked this the best. It's a fun little polish, but I wish there had been more blossoms since it IS called 'flower girl' :/

It's not as unique as I hoped it would be,
but it's still pretty great.
You can get this polish along with alllllll Glitterdaze's awesome polish on their Etsy site.
This mini was $4.85.

So an overall not that impressive post,
but oh well!
Have a great day!


  1. This is so cool! I love the flower glitters in there =)

  2. I love the flower glitters but it would have been even more fun it there was, as you said, more flower glitters :) Its still really pretty :)
    P.S Im a new subscriber :) Really like your blog :)

  3. really cute! but i agree it needs more flowers

  4. I love the flower glitters in this! ^.^

  5. i'm glad you guys think so, too. I didn't want to be too greedy, but with it's name I expected a whollllle lot more flowers :x


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