'Yummy Mummy'

Hey everyone!
Hope everyone is having a lovely Saturday :)

I have a fantastic little number for you today.
Here's Butter London's 'Yummy Mummy'!

Here's 3 coats of 'Yummu Mummy', which is a nude cream with slight pink/silver shimmer. I wasn't able to really capture it in the photos, but the shimmer is what I love most about this polish. I thought it looked so boring initially, but i absolutely love it. It's been my go-to color for a month or two now; i've just not gotten around to posting about it.
Totally worth the hefty price tag!

Do any of you have this?
Thanks for reading! :)


  1. i love nudes! this one is so pretty

  2. Totally love this color! Maybe you would like the holo pubes if you put it over this. =P


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