Maybelline haul, swatches, & look! (pic heavy)

Hey guys!
So after miss Nancy over at The Dark Side of Beauty featured some Maybelline eye shadow products, I decided that I was going to go ahead and give and buy them, since i'd been considering it for awhile.

Here's what I bought!

Maybelline Color Tattoo in 'Painted Purple' & 'Tenacious Teal'.

Maybelline 'Amethyst Ablaze'

Maybelline 'Sapphire' quartet.
Woo! I haven't used any Maybelline eyeshadows in manyyyyy many years,
but I have to say the pigment and shimmer in swatching these totally surprised me! :)

Now I didn't have time to do a look with everything,
but I DID attempt one with this last quartet of shadows.
Here's that:

This is very simple and straightforward. It's exactly how the back of the package suggested the colors be used, and honestly i'm not sure I would differ from it that much myself if I was determined to use them all together.

These didn't blend quite as easily as I'm used to with Urban Decay or Sugarpill,
but they weren't too bad. AND like i've already mentioned, I couldn't believe how great the pigment and shimmer was- I was really afraid they would be flat :/ I didn't wear this long enough to see how much staying power they had, and that will be a big determinant in if I reuse or purchase any more of these. I'll test that and then give a full review of these shadows later :)

I'll post looks with the other products soon.
Do any of you have any of these?
What do you think about them?!
Thanks for reading! :)


  1. Lover that blue eye look! I don't have any of these but I've been tempted by the Color Tattoo ones for awhile!

  2. wow i love that shimmer! especially in the corner of your eyes! i have been debating on buying the color tattoo eye shadows for quite a while actually. i love the colors but i hate that liquid shadows tend to clump up in the creases. have you tried it out yet? does it do that too? i would love to know. if it doesnt get clumpy i might just pick them up!

    1. thanks! :) I'm posting a look tomorrow where I've used one of the color tattoos. I WILL tell you I was totally underwhelmed- it still clumped and creased and blahhh. Not worth the money, in my opinion :/

  3. I am so glad you decided to try these out. I love purples and I have been eying 'Amethyst Ablaze'! Painted Purple is not the best of the Color Tattoos unfortunately. You should try layering the blue quad with Tenacious Teal~ They would look amazing together. I think if you like Tenacious Teal, you will probably love the other Color Tattoos since Painted Purple isn't the best of one of the bunch. I would love to see what you think of these products though :D

    1. thanks for the heads up! I'm anxious to try a couple of the others aside from Painted Purple. and great idea with the blue quad!


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