'Your Web or Mine?'

Hey guys.
It seems that I have contracted the cold my poor daughter has.
I cannot breathe to save my life and have sneezed about 15 times in the past 30 minutes. sigh.

However, at least my nails look decent today!
I finally got around to using another polish from the Spiderman minis that OPI released some time ago.
Here's 'Your Web or Mine?'

*Here's 2 coats

'Your Web or Mine' is a metallic-ish medium pink from the Amazing Spiderman collection released back in July. Initially I wasn't that excited about this polish, but once I got it on my nails, it reallllllly grew on me! The finish is a little unforgiving, but it's just such a silky pink that I couldn't resist. I really liked how it looked with my skin tone and will definitely be wearing this again soon. I forsee it as a great 'go-to' polish :)

Side note: I know my nails are horrid right not. I almost didn't want to post these pictures, but hopefully by next post on nails they'll be longer and more moisturized! :p

Do any of you have this polish?
What are your thoughts?
Thanks for reading! :)


  1. This is a gorgeous color! Perfect for summer I think. I really like it.
    Hope you'll recover soon;)

    1. aw thank you! I actually feel better already

  2. This is very pretty on you!! I wish they would have done a true red for the spiderman collection but I definitely like this one as well.

    1. Thanks! and RIGHT? I totally agree. A red was very much missed


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