First SYN Cosmetics shadows!

Hey guys!
Super excited about today's post.
A couple weeks ago I placed my first order ever from SYN Cosmetics. I've been following their facebook page for awhile now, and i've been so enamored with their loose pigments.
(But for all you nail ladies out there- they have TONS of awesome looking nail polish, too! Among other things)
It took a little longer than normal to receive my purchase, but it was due to A TON or orders they had to fill, so it's no biggie. PLUS- they threw in an extra shadow for me having to wait! How generous was that?!

Now, on to the shadows!!
NOTE: I did not enhance these photos in ANY way aside from cropping them & adding my watermark. They really look this awesome!

Here's all 5 pigments over Too Faced's Shadow Insurance:
(^regular indoor lighting)

(^fluorescent lighting)

AHH! Can't wait to use these! 'Synfused', 'Legend', & 'Passion' are gorgeous, satin-y shimmers. 'Manic' leans on the matte side, but still has some subtle shimmer. Lastly, 'Delusion' is PACKED with glitter and glitz :)

I didn't buy all that I wanted because I wasn't sure how I would like these,
but now I can't wait to go back and buy more!

I got these all on SYN Cosmetics' website,
and each for $6.50.
They have myriad pigments to choose from (along with other products),
so definitely go check them out! :)
Stay tuned for a look with these in the next few days!

have you entered my giveaway yet?!
It ends Oct. 8th!
Open internationally, too! :)


  1. Replies
    1. its packed with so much awesome glitter I was like whaaaaaa

  2. Oh my, those look so so pretty and pigmented! Love them.
    xo Deja
    Deja Zu

  3. woooooooooooow! :) They are gorgeous!!! :D btw love ur blog so I'm folowing :)and waiting for the look with these stunning colours:)

    1. arent they?! I posted the first of two looks earlier today here:

      thanks & glad you like my blog! :)

  4. It is nice you had a pleasant experience. My daughter did not and they refuse to answer any attempts to contact them.

    1. They have contacted us and promised to fix it. Fingers crossed

    2. They have contacted us and promised to fix it. Fingers crossed

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  6. Totally unprofessional and dishonest company. I ordered and was missing and item. The owner herself told me it would be sent the next business day with free products for the trouble. Never received a tracking number or the products. Was never refunded. So fed up with this company I've sent so many emails with no reply and the owner herself will not even answer my emails now. This company will steal your money if you do not receive your full order. I have seen so many complaints from others with the same problems no one answering them missing items promised to be sent and never received. I will never buy again from them


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