e.l.f. Maleficiant palette review!

Good morning :) 
I'm finally getting around to my review of one of the popular e.l.f Disney Villians palettes!
Sorry for the delay. I've been trying to get in some good Fall and Halloween posts before the season passes me by!

Ok, so to begin this review, if you have no idea what this palette is,
see my post on its basics and swatches here.

I'll continue this post with the understanding that my readers are aware of what it offers!

First, i'll show you the two looks I created.
I created them based on the directions suggested in the palette.
Here's the suggested day time look:

Now for the suggested nighttime look:

I did both of these looks awhile ago, and am not pleased with either of them, but particularly the second look. Why? See below.

- pretty assortment of shadows
- comes with eye primer
- awesomely colored lip/cheek pencils
- suggestions on how/where to apply makeup for the everyday person
- cheap! Just $10 at my local drugstore

- horrible shadow pigmentation
- extremely hard to blend
- fake lashes super hard to use for someone who doesn't usually use them
- doesn't come with mascara

Though priced affordably, the old saying "you get what you pay for" totally applies to this palette. I love the idea of creating palettes based on the Disney Villians, but the quality of these shadows just isn't great. There are a few glimmers of hope (like with the primer, pencils, and some of the shadows) but all in all- it's a flop, in my opinion. Especially for those of you who don't have much practice with blending, this sucker will prove to be challenging.

NOW, that being said- if you don't plan on blending and just want to do something simple by wearing 1 or 2 shadows at a time- i think this palette could work for you. It DOES come with a good primer and some great lip/cheek pencils, so at least that can buffer the low quality shadows. For only being $10, I didn't expect prestige cosmetic quality, but I was still disappointed with the results. Honestly, I will probably never use anything from this palette again :/ I'm temped to buy the other two palettes just to see if they're the same way. I'll keep you posted!

Do any of you have these palettes?
What are your thoughts?
Did you guys find this review helpful??
Let me know, please!


  1. too bad the quality wasn't great :( it would have been so awesome!

    1. i know :(( I was really hoping for something better


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