indie nail mail & NYX glitter look

Exciting and disappointing post for you guys today.
But let's do the positive first!
Yesterday I got in my Halloween nail mail!

Can you guess the polishes!?
If not, you'll have to wait until later this month to find out :P
Can't wait to show you guys these.

NOW on to the disappointment...
I posted the other day about the awesomely glittery NYX cream eyeshadow palettes I purchased.
I finally got around to playing with them and creating a look,
and let's just say it didn't work out too well :/

So head on isn't too bad,
but in the second picture you can see the horrible creasing and clumping going on.
I was afraid this would happen before I bought them, and lo and behold- here we are.

First (after primer), I applied UD's 'Maui Wowie', 'Honey', & 'Chopper' on the inner, middle, and outer corners of my eyes respectively. Then I dabbed on 4 of the 5 glitter cream shadows lightly over the area, attempting to build up a little opacity if I could but not expecting much. THEN, i dabbed on some more of the 3 UD shades BACK over the glitter to hold it in place. 
I gave it ample time to dry.
I'm just not sure what's going on.

I'm no pro with cream shadows, but I've heard this might by patchy regardless of your skill level. However, i'm not willing to chalk it up to crappy eyeshadow without playing with them more and studying up on different techniques to use with glitter cream shadows.
We shall see!
The jury is still out.

What are your thoughts on cream eye shadows?
Easy to work with or no?
What works best for you?
Any help would be awesome! :)


  1. Those polishes look great! I don't recognize them, but they are pretty :]

  2. gorgeous colors! just dont blink. ever. then no one will see the creases :-P


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