Peek A Boo!

Making this post short because i'm exhausted.
Worked until 1:30 am last night & had an 8 am class this morning :/

here's yet another one of the indie Halloween polishes I bought recently.
This one is from Lush Lacquer; 2 coats of 'Peek a Boo'.

'Peek-a-Boo' is a milky white base with purple, orange, and black large & medium hexagonal matte glitters (what a mouthful!) and micro bar glitters. It's meant to be worn alone, and worked perfectly so with two coats. I have one other milky based Lush Lacquer polish (seen here), and it was much better than this one. The glitters just didn't stand out as well in this one as they look like they would in the bottle. I didnt have this problem with the other polish from them, so i don't know what it is... Anyway, I still liked this polish. It just wasn't QUITE as awesome as I was expecting- but still great.

  It's part of their brand new Halloween 2012 collection.

You can get 'Peek a Boo' here on her Etsy site,
along with tons of other polishes. All the others i've tried from them have been totally worth the $8.75 price tag. Shipping can take awhile, but its because they're constantly slammed with orders, so it's no biggie.


  1. wow !! Love it , it looks amazing :D
    xoxo <3

  2. I like it! Those pops of bright orange in it are beautiful!

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