Sinful Colors' Muse Collection

Hey everyone.
I'm not feeling great so i'm going to make this post pretty quick--

I saw Sinful Colors' new Muse Collection displayed in my local Walgreens a few weeks ago,
and couldn't believe how much I was drawn to them. 
I'm not usually a big fan of Sinful Colors OR of dark polishes with my skin tone-
BUT these babies changed that.
I wasn't able to grab the whole collection,
but I did grab 4 or the 6 or 7 polishes.
Here are quick ( & crappy) swatches of those!

1. Muse
This is a lovely, dark, dusty purple creme. Great for the upcoming Winter season!

2. Rain Storm
'Rain Storm' looks a bit brighter here than it really is in real life. It's a medium, dark blue creme which totally reminds me of storm- more like a stormy ocean than merely rain, but whatever :P

3. Smokin'
First, let me apologize to you for this INCREDIBLY crap job of a mani. My cuticles were worse than normal, part of it chipped on my middle finger- then I hastily tried to repaint it, and the paint job itself is just crap :/
'Smokin' is a dusty, medium-grey creme. Again, great for the upcoming Winter season! 

4. Into the Mist
(already swatched here and here)

Seriously. I've used them as bases for other manis or just used them alone as great 'go to' polishes here lately. The formula was actually great (I've had serious issues with it in the past) & they all applied smooth.
Best of all, I didn't have hardly anything in my stash already like them since I usually veer away from dark colored polishes.
They've definitely changed me mind about that!
I highly recommend these for Fall and Winter coming up.
Super cheap and gorgeous! :)

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