nail mail & failed striping tape mani

ahhhh. I love nail mail.
Particularly indie nail mail :)
Here's my recent additions:

SUPER excited about both of these. I've already swatched them on my nail wheel and they seem just as awesome as they look online. One of them is obviously a Halloween polish, so you'll see that one shortly. The other is related to one of my favorites shows which doesn't air until March, so it may be awhile before I debut that one :P IF I can hold out that long...
Have you guys tried any polishes from these shops?
Let me know!

Now onto the failed mani...
I bought some striping tape awhile back (mainly bc I really wanted to use it for a lazer mani), and I just really haven't gotten around to trying it out that much.
I wanted to showcase it on today's polish because I thought the two colors would really compliment each other (and they do), but it just all turned out wrong. I was in a hurry and the polish AND taping job are just total crap.

This is gold striping tape over 2 coats of Sinful Colors' 'Into the Mist'. The only reason I decided to go ahead and post this horrible mani is because 'Into the Mist' is just lovely and I couldn't wait to post it, so here we are :/

'Into the Mist' is part of Sinful Colors' recent Muse collection. It's a gorgeous deep, forest-green creme. After having past difficulty with many SC polishes, I was happy that this sucker went on so smoothly. Though the polish got a little thick after I'd had it open for awhile, it was nothing that I couldn't handle. It's a great Fall/Winter polish and i'm so glad I added it to my collection :))) As far as the striping tape goes, I just need to attempt it again when I have more time.

That's it for me.
Have a great day, guys!


  1. Awesome nail mail! I don't think that is a fail at all, I love it!

  2. I think the tape looks cool! Definitely not a huge fail, at the very least if you don't like the color combo - the taping itself is well done :]

  3. Nice new polishes! I really like the color of Into the Mist! Will have to look out for it :D

    1. its totally awesome. def. a new favorite of mine


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