The Walking Dead !!!

Super stoked about today's post. As you may or may not know,
I love the show 'The Walking Dead'. Usually, I abhor scary movies and whatnot,
but this show (albeit scary) focuses more on the characters' interpersonal relationships than the horror and gore... So i can handle it.
If you haven't seen it- WATCH IT.
The new season starts tonight!

In honor of that,
I've got an aptly named polish for you today from All That Glitters:
Here's  1 coat of 'The Walking Dead' over 2 coats of Essie's 'Yogaga'.

'The Walking Dead' is a clear base with a redish-purpleish shimmer to it. It contains large red and black hexagonal glitter and small, white and black glitter. It's FANTASTIC. This polish could easily reach opacity with a few coats, but I wanted to feature the Essie, too. You can get 'The Walking Dead' & others from All That Glitters here. This is the second polish I've tried from her and both have been absolutely amazing!

The desired effect here is to look like zombie flesh. The red represents blood obviously, and the black represents nasty zombie guts. When I was trying to decide what to layer it over, I asked myself, "What polish do I have that looks like decaying human flesh?" Aha! 'Yogaga' turned out to be perfect. Though a lovely polish its own, it was just what I needed to complete the effect here. Totally reminds me of vicious zombie!

What do you guys think?
Does it remind you of a zombie?
Have you tried any polishes from this maker?
Let me know! :)


  1. Replies
    1. i know! I have to work and miss it :(( I was like WTF when I saw my schedule haha

  2. great I luuv it:D really really pretty! :D

    1. thanks! I do, too. All That Glitters is great

  3. This is gorgeous :D
    I didn't know the new season came out tonight! I must watch it!

  4. I also love the series. :)


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