'Beauty From the Earth' swatches!

AHHH! :e
So excited about tonight's post.
 Aside from Lime Crime, BFTE is the other cosmetic brand I reached out to. I've seen it featured on several legit make up blogs & figured I had to try it myself. 

One of the GREAT things about BFTE is that (at least for eye shadows) they allow you to either purchase a regular 'jar' of  the shadow ($6.50) OR a sample size... which is only $2! Seeing as how I didn't know too much about this brand, I ordered 6 sample sizes of six different eye shadows.

Ok, here we go:

* 'Oak' is a vivi brown with shimmer. I know I'll be using this quite often :)

* 'Raspberry' is a bright, shimmering pink. As I've said, I'm usually not a fan of faint, light pinks... but this is different. Though it's really a medium pink ( as in, not faint pink but also NOT hot pink) it's... potency (for lack of a better word) is amazing. no subtlety here!

* 'Atomic Teal' is a shimmery, black-teal. I'm super excited to use this.

* 'Last Dance' is a warm, purple-plum shade with pearl shimmer. I don't really have any other shadows like this so i'm anxious to try this one, also.

* '7 Seas' is fabulous! It's a matte, ocean green-blue & super vibrant. Like 'Last Dance', I don't really have anything like it so I can't wait to try it out.

* 'Big Island' is, aside from 'Oak', the shadow I was most excited about since I use these colors most often. It's a golden brown with green, gold, and pink micro glitter, and is supposed to resemble wet sand!


* 'Big Island', '7 Seas', & 'Last Dance'

* 'Raspberry', 'Oak', & 'Atomic Teal'

So there you have it. Since I just got these in today, I haven't really had a chance to do any looks with them yet. But I'll be sure to post some soon!

Do any of you have any BFTE cosmetics?! What are your opinions on it?


  1. These look These look great! I don't own any BFTE, the only mineral shadows I have are from bare escentuals. I can't wait for looks with these! And I lOVE Big Island. I'm a big fan of neutral eyeshadow, I almost want to buy this just from your swatch!! My little eyes can't handle bright colors - but those neutrals look lovely. Can't wait to see more!

  2. Can't wait to see what you do with these.!


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