I've Got the Blues Week: Day 1- 'Kendall on the Katwalk'

Good morning, ladies! 
So in honor of school starting back this week, I decided to dedicate my posts to blue polish o_O

For day 1 I chose to feature one of my newest blues- 'Kendall on the Katwalk' from the NOPI Kardashian collection.

This polish has a light blue base and contains light & dark blue glitter and purple glitter.

* regular indoor lighting

*fluorescent lighting

I used 2 coats (though no top coat) & I was surprised how much I LOVED this polish :D The effect really is divine after that second coat. Application was actually very easy and it dried super super quickly. This polish hardly makes me feel blue at all :P


  1. love this color, it was my favorite of the collection! looks great on you:]

  2. PRETTY! Looks a little like Milani 'Blue Flash'.

  3. thanks, sarah! and court, i've never heard of that polish :/

  4. Nice pictures. Looks like a good polish. Still haven't spotted these. Boo. But I love how you are dedicating this week to blue - too funny.

  5. oh & kaki, you may want to try I saw several on there not too long ago


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