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Hey guys :)
I know it's been awhile since I posted any make-up looks, but I've been in my glasses for the past few weeks (waiting for my contacts to come in), & i couldn't see squat without them on (and i obviously had to take them off to do eye make-up)... needless to say, i've had a few boring weeks as far as make-up is concerned. However, my contacts came in yesterday so I can finally put up some new stuff.

This particular look was created on a wing & a prayer :P
 I literally just randomly picked 3 shades from 
Urban Decay's Mariposa Palette & hoped they'd work together. In the end, I came up with what reminds me of a winter-ish look.

* taken indoors in fluorescent light

Okay, so the three shades I chose to work with were 'Gunmetal', 'Money', & 'Haight' (see here for swatches). I used 'Money' on the inner parts of my eye & the corners. Then on the outer part I used 'Haight'; on the outer corners & in the crease I used 'Gunmetal'... and I basically just blended it all until I achieved something I liked. I DID use a bit of 'Blackout' from the 15th Anniversary palette on the outer corners, too, just to complete the look a bit.
 Just to complete the wintery-y effect, I would have liked using some silvery, glitter eyeliner and posssssibly frosting the tips of my eyelashes a bit, but I didn't own the eyeliner and didn't think about frosting until after I'd taken these pictures (& by that time my daughter had woken up from her nap and any future adjustments to the look could be forgotten).

Anyway, here's my first look for 2012 and the first with my new palette! :)
Feedback is welcome!

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