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Good evening, ladies!
Hope everyone's had a great week & has great plans for the weekend. I'm actually going to  Mim0sa show later tonight & can't wait :e

Ok so, tonight's product is pretty new to me. I don't know about the rest of you, but if I do anything on my lips its usually just chapstick and lip gloss... however, the other day I had a sudden desire for a lovely, bright red lipSTICK for a change. As I was browsing the aisles in ULTA, I found Covergirl's LipPerfection Lipcolor and decided to give it a go.

This stuff is awesome! I bought the bright red shade I wanted as well as a more neutral and soft pink.

* 'Hot Passion'
* 'Verve'

* 'Verve' shown here on my lame kissy face

* 'Hot passion', my favorite.

I highly recommend this stuff. One of the things that always frustrated me about lipstick was it's lack of staying power... but that's not an issue with this product. 'Hot Passion' is the one I wear the most, and I can eat, drink, etc. for hours without having to worry about it coming off. The actual lipstick is also super silky and has a built in moisturizer. This particular lipstick comes in 45 different shades, so you're guaranteed to find one that matches you best.

Do any of you have this?
What are your thoughts?

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  1. I realize that this post was from a couple of years ago, but I'm so glad I came across your blog! I saw 'Verve' while I was shopping yesterday, but I didn't want to buy it unless I saw a swatch first. I know $5.00 doesn't seem like a whole lot for lipstick, but I am on a very tight budget, so every little thing counts! Thank you for swatching 'Verve'... I love it and am going to buy it! :)


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