new rack (heh heh) & HITS!

Good morning, lovers!
Quick & exciting post today 8)

First of all, my nail polish rack finally came in the mail yesterday! :e Until now I've been keeping them in a makeup bag & they were nearly impossibly to sort through without taking them ALL out, so I decided to splurge a bit and buy something to organize them.

* props to my bestie Courtney for helping me hang it! 

I also got in one of my HITS nail polishes yesterday!! I've been so freaking excited to get these in- you have no idea. Well, maybe you do :brow 

I give you 'Hermes'!

It's just as awesome as I thought it would be. Aside from pink, orange, and silver- one of my other favorite colors to wear on my nails is gold. 'Hermes' is a "golden tan linear holographic" polish from the HITS No Olimpo collection. I personally love Greek/Roman mythology and history (& have gotten the chance to travel all over Greece), so I love that all the polishes in this collection are named after gods and goddesses :)

Application was super fantastic. The bottom of my bottle was chipped so it can't stand straight- but that's the only downside to this polish. In the above picture I just used 2 coats- no top coat. I was also pleasantly surprised with how quickly 'Hermes' dried :D

Do any of you have HITS? What's your favorite?

Thanks for reading!!


  1. I love your new rack! It looks great! Haha Hermes is so pretty. I have this color and two others. I need to open them!

  2. I'm so jealous! I need a rack like that..or two! And I want that brand of holos so badly!

  3. gorgeous polish!! also, i've been looking into getting a rack, but they're fairly expensive for a college budget:/ ahh day!

  4. kaki- lmfao :p THANKS. and yeah I totally love Hermes. i got it bc it was one of the few in stock but I really, really love it

    CC- they're great! you should def. get one. mine holds about 90 bottles but i'll already probably have to get another one soon :x

    sarah- thanks! & you should definitely get one. I'm on a college budget, too :/ I found mine online at Amazon or about 35 bucks. Have you looked there?

  5. Love your polish rack! That is a gorgeous color!

  6. Yayayayay! I love both the rack and the polish!


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