n00b Week: Day 2- 'Fun-Fetti' !

Hey everyone,
quick post tonight.
I'm continuing n00b week with one of my recent purchases that I'm the most excited about xD
I think it's definitely going to be my new favorite.

I give you Finger Paints' 'Fun-Fetti'

! ! ! ! ! ! !
so awesome.
* fluorescent lighting

* i guess the lighting technically isn't that great here, but I still like it.


So this polish is basically too cool for school. 'Fun-Fetti' is a clear base with teeny tiny green glitter, slighty larger colorful glitter, and than large, hexagonal glitter. I just chose to put it over a base coat because I wanted all the individual elements of this polish to shine. It actually reminds me of OPI's 'Rainbow Connection'.

Regardless, I LOVE this polish and don't ever want to take it off. I can tell this is definitely one I'll be coming back to and using quite soon :h

What are your thoughts?!


  1. Pretty glitter polish! I gave you the I Love Your Blog Award & tagged you in the 11 Questions tag and the Nail Polish tag .. Check out my blog for the rules & more info :)


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