cheapo galaxy nails? eh?

i've got like 6 different things coming from six different companies & I was really hoping I'd have at least ONE of my purchases by now to share with you :/
oh well. Surely by tomorrow something will come in.

tonight's look was a little impromptu. I really wanted to use a new Sinful Colors polish I got and a newer glitter, so i figured I'd try them together :P

My boyfriend said they look like "space", so it got me to wondering if they could pass for amateurish galaxy nails? To the untrained eye, maybe... not you nail pros, though ;)

so here we go!
* Sinful Colors' 'What's Your Name' & Sally Hansen's 'Ice Queen'

* fluorescent lighting

* I was trying to capture the tiny blue & purple glitter in 'What's Your Name', but it was hard to do :/

I really, really love 'What's Your Name'. It's black with teeeeeeny blue & purple glitter that can only be seen in the right light, and they make the polish so much more interesting. 'Ice Queen' is a clear base with TEENY silver glitter, small pieces of holographic glitter, and larger, circular blue and purple glitter. Like I said, I was actually quite pleased with the way it turned out.

So there you have it. I'm not a nail artist, but there's my version of cheapo galaxy nails! xD
What do ya think?! :brow


  1. Very pretty! It looks like galaxy nails to me :)

    And I love getting packages, but waiting is the worst!! Maybe you will get a few at once. That is always fun! :)

  2. I love this. I have that SH glitter too - I'm going to have to try this. I love easy but pretty nails!

  3. sarah- thanks! and i KNOW RIGHT, wtf. though getting a few at once would be fun :)

    courtney- THANKS FRAN!

    kaki- thanks! and yeah, I was quite pleased with the glitter, too. especially for something I randomly picked up at Walgreens! You should definitely get it :D

  4. I love the color but it is awesome with the glitter!


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