a 'Tainted' Valentine's Day look (pic heavy)

Happy (or rather, boo  on) Monday!
My poor munchkin is teething and fussing up a storm,
but she finally fell asleep for me long enough to post :p

So I made this little look with Valentine's Day in mind obviously, but I also just wanted an excuse to use my new glitter eyeliner :)

* dim bathroom lighting

* fluorescent lighting

* straight on shot

* i know it's blurry, but I wanted you to see this angle nevertheless

From L to R:
Urban Decay's 'Vanilla' on the brow line
Lime Crime's 'Mirror Mirror' on the inner corners
'UD's 'Tainted' also on the inner corners
UD's 'Gunmetal' on the lid crease
UD's 'Blackout' on the outer corners

I used Covergirl's 'Line Exact' liquid precision eyeliner in 'very black',
 then used Urban Decay's Heavy Metal glitter eyeliner in Groupie', which is a fantastic, rosy pink color.

I actually really liked the way this turned out. It'll be a great nighttime look, and the glitter eyeliner is just fabulous. It adds that extra bit of spice that the look needs. 

What do you guys think?!
Let me know!


  1. I always want to try glitter eyeliner but anytime I do, they're always greasey and nasty and a pain to remove. And I mean moreso than the paint that is removing glitter polish! I really like that gold one, though! ^.^

    1. me too! luckily, UD's eyeliner is a CINCH to remove. I use Vasaline to take off all my eye make-up, and the glitter comes right off with the rest of it :) you should definitely get some!

  2. Love this look! I may have to see if I can recreate it. That glitter liner is totally awesome!


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