9 Days of my Head in the Gutter- Day 4

Goooooood morning!
I've got yet another installment in my little 'adult' series for you this morning.

Without further ado:
'Toss My Salad !

'Toss My Salad' is a lovely key lime pie green with green glass fleck,
Here i've used two coats,
but three might be best for full opacity.

This is not a color that I personally like for myself because I just think it looks weird for my skin color, but on a darker toned person i think it would look AWESOME.
As with all the polishes in this collection,
it sparkles and shimmers to the MAX.
The silky lime of this polish really is awesome.
I definitely recommend!

Thanks for reading!


  1. This is a really really pretty green!! ^.^

  2. I love this! so fun

  3. Haha Toss my Salad! That is too funny!
    It is a really pretty green!

    Thanks for your comment :D As for the Lime Crime Uniliners, I have mixed feelings. I love the lime green one, it is perfect! I seem to have issue with the brushes for my other two. But the formula is really great! I really want the white one! I will have a review for them soon :D

    1. lol its too funny. and yay for the review! can't wait to see it.

  4. lovely color and the name is caking me up!

  5. I think this looks great on you! Love it. Great green


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