'Crazy Easter' eye tutorial! (pic heavy)

Happy Saturday!
So some of the feedback from my giveaway that I got was that severallll of you asked for makeup tutorials.
I asked you guys to vote on which look you wanted me do to,
and the 'Crazy Easter' look won.
So here we go!

Step 1. 
Apply an eyeshadow primer. I don't always use then when I use prestige cosmetics (like Urban Decay) b/c their staying power is already AWESOME, but it's a good safe measure.

Step 2.
With a fat, round brush that came with the palette,
I applied 'metallic' yellow from ULTA's metallic palette. I swipe from the corner outward, usually 2 or 3 'coats' for opacity.

Step 3.
I applied the next shade in my rainbow of colors- UD's 'Graffiti'. I chose to do it with my finger because there's not as much fallout and I also find it easier to manipulate applying it on a small area as opposed to a makeup brush. Weird?

Step 4.
I continue my layers of colors using UD's 'Peace'. Again, I applied with my finer (though a different finger this time). I overlap each layer just SLIGHTLY with the color in front of it, blending a bit as I go- but not too much. I save really blending well until the end, for some reason...

Step 5.
I apply my final color, UD's 'Junkshow' on the outer corner of my eye. No matter what color I use, I almost always apply in this area with my pinky. The rounded top is just the perfect size to apply the color. I have my finger positioned like so, and sweep outward.

Step 6.
(sorry for the crappy pic)
Here I used my UD Crease brush to apply UD's 'Ransom' on my brow bone.

Step 7.
Here I've applied the same colors on my lower lash line with a Shadow brush,
and applied eyeliner along my waterline.

Step 8.
Lastly, I apply my liquid eyeliner along the top of my upper lashes and winged it out slightly.
I also finally applied my mascara. 
I really feel like these last two steps REALLLY help open up my eyes :)

Final Product:


I hope you guys found this helpful and liked it!
Please give me any feedback you think of so I know what I need to continue/improve upon!
Have a great night!


  1. Gorgeous!! I love this look. I think I have most of those colors (except that yellow) but I'll find something to use in its place. You've got such a great face for beauty blogging - beautiful skin, great bones, and nice big eyes that can handle lots of color! So jealous...

    1. aw, thank you, Kaki! that's very sweet. Please let me know if you try this! I'd love to see what you come up with :)

  2. i love it! i think i'll have to try it :) thank you for the tutorial!

    1. Please do, I'd love to see it! And you're welcome!

    2. Please do, I'd love to see it! And you're welcome!

  3. This look is so pretty and unique! I'm never so successful at blending colors but maybe I will try again for this look :]

  4. I love this look! It is gorgeous!!

  5. Awesome! Lovely tutorial :)


I enjoy reading & appreciate any and all comments! This whole blog is still a work in progress and i'm learning more about the nail/beauty world everyday... I appreciate any feedback & knowledge you provide! :)