Day 9: polish starting with same letter as your child's name

(^ well that was a mouthful...)

Good morning!
Back to the nail challenge today!
Today's theme is a polish that starts with the same letter as your child's name.
My daughter's name is Layla, and i know,
the polish LAYLA would have been perfect for this, haha.
But i don't have any :(

In lieu of that,
I found some others from my stash that work!

This is 3 coats of NOPI's 'Ladies in the Limelight' on 4 fingers,
& China Glaze's 'Pelican Grey' on my ring finger.
But the polish I wanted to really feature here is this awesome topcoat, 'Little Miss Sunshine' from GlitterDaze :)

I got this little sucker awhile ago when I got several other GlitterDaze mini's,
and it love it! It's super unique.
It's filled with pink and yellow "blossom" glitter, white and pink bar glitter, white and pink matte hexagonal glitter, and pink micro glitter- all in a clear base.
You can get this for $4.75 (mini) on their Etsy shop!
Like I said, I've bought several other polishes from here and love them all! :)

That's it for me.
Have a great day, guys! 


  1. I love all three of these polishes! And they're really pretty all together, too! ^.^

    1. so glad you think so! i wasn't too sure about them at first :x

  2. Awesome mani! Love the color choices. I'd love a Layla holo but I'll just have to wish for them for now! haha And that topcoat is pretty freaking awesome.


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