Day 5: color of your child's eyes

Goooood morning :)
So thankful the week is already halfway over,
since we're going back to knoxville this weekend to visit! :D :D :D

So today's theme was your child's eyes.
My daughter's eyes (despite mine being brown and her daddy's being green),
are this fantastic, medium, stormy ocean blue.
I don't have a polish that matches her eye color EXACTLY,
but I did find one that came pretty freaking close:

This is Essie's 'Blue Rhapsody' from the new Mirror Metallics collection.
In this particular picture, because of the lighting, it looks a tad darker than it really is...

Here's a picture in the best light I could get today, since it's cloudy & rainy :/
It really reminds me of the color of an ocean during a storm, for some reason.


So I know i've already used another polish from this same collection in the challenge,
but I honestly didn't have another polish that came even close to her eye color!
I hadn't work this one yet, though,
and was surprised (for some reason) at how much I liked it.
Consistency was a little crappy as it sometimes is with Essie,
and of course the polish is extrememeeeeeely unforgiving since it's a metallic,
and it shows every mistake :x 
I liked it :)

Thanks for reading,
and have a great day!


  1. Ahhh yes metallics are mean little boogers but the color is so pretty. Your swatches made me go out and buy them all. I blame you for my broken piggy bank. Love the mani. And aren't genetics grand? brown + green = blue. Duh.

    1. hahah. APPARENTLY that's how it works! and yay! swatch them soon please, with your prettier nails and better camera/camera-taking skillz :)

  2. I am usually not big on frosty colors, but this blue is beautiful!


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