Day 6: favorite children's drawing

Hey guys!

So today's theme confused me a bit at first.
I wasn't sure what it was referring to until I realized it meant MY CHILD's favorite drawing :x
Seeing as how my  daughter has just started crawling not that long ago,
she doesn't exactly have a favorite DRAWING yet :p
SO, what I decided to do was depictions of what I liked to draw when I was a little kid.

What else, but flowers?!

So after I drew them I totally realized I did the flowers upside down, haha
So I tried to save face by drawing the bumble bee right side up!
(or upside down, depending upon how you look at it...)

*fluorescent lighting

I tried to draw them how I liked to when I was little (which luckily, -or sadly-is not that different from how I would draw them at my tender age of 22) :/

I used:
China Glaze's 'Sky High-Top' as a base
CG's 'In the Limelight' for the grass
Zoya's 'Ivanka' for the flower stems
Zoya's 'Pippa' for the middle of flower & bee
CG's 'Pink Voltage' & ORLY's 'Melt Your Popsicle' for petals
So Easy striper in black for stripes

All in all,
I actually really liked this mani.
I know the nail art is remedial (which was kind of the point, i guess)
but I still thought it was a lot of fun.

Thank for reading!


  1. bwahahaha i love how your flowers don't look different than when you were little. That made me laugh so hard ... Loving this series - you get better each time you do a mani!!

  2. Lmao, sad, isn't it? Thanks for the encouragement, though!


I enjoy reading & appreciate any and all comments! This whole blog is still a work in progress and i'm learning more about the nail/beauty world everyday... I appreciate any feedback & knowledge you provide! :)