July 4th nail art & indie

Happy Independence Day!
To all my international followers,
I know this day holds little significance for you (unless you're from the UK, heh heh),
but it's still a great excuse to drink, be with the people you love, and relax!

I've got some nail art to show you AND my third and final July 4th indie.

First up- the nail art.
I know this is super simple, but I still quite like how it came out!
There's a lot going on, so i'll break it down for ya.
I used the following:

Thumb: China Glaze's 'White on White' as base; Sinful Colors Nail Art in red and blue
Pointer: Kleancolor 'metallic blue' with tiny confetti stars on top
Middle: CG's 'Blue Year's Eve'; stamped with BM20 & white Konad polish
Ring: Butter London's 'Knees Up'
Pinky: OPI's 'Into the Night'; stamped with BM14 & Konad white polish

It's been awhile since i've done any stamping,
so this holiday was a perfect excuse to do some :)

Next up,
my last July 4th indie polish to show you.

This is 1 coat of DarlingDivaPolish's 'Anita' over CG's 'White on White'.

'Anita' is a clear base with micro holographic glitter and large white (matte), red, & blue hexagonal glitter.

This is the polish i've been most excited to show you guys out of the 3,
and it's the one I ended up liking the least :(
The polish was just terribly gloopy and like it threw up all over my nails.
Despite only using 1 coat,
it was still really hard to work with.

I've bought one other glitter from this shop,
and it was the same way :(
I do know, however, that she has some other polishes which are not topcoats that are highly popular,
so it must just be these.

She does have a TON of other polishes in her shop that look great.
You can get 'Anita' and others for about $8.

That's it for me!
What do you guys think?

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  1. I love it. And I also love how super simple = lots of polishes. Haha. I'm still trying to finish mine before I go out to hang with some friends!


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