new nail art challenge!

Hey guys!
I'm really excited to FINALLY be starting this nail art challenge!
I've had it saved on my computer for the longest time and have just now gotten around to it.

I love that this all revolves around your child/children (or niece/nephew if you don't have any!).
I've had ideas for this challenge forever,
and can't wait to start it!
It IS a little old,
so I don't know anyone who's currently doing it.
If you plan on doing this also, or know anyone else that is-
please let me know!

Okay, so Day 1 is a color that reminds me of my child.
*forgive my horrible cuticles!

So this is 2 coats of Essie's 'Nothing Else Metals' from their new metallic collection!

Besides the name being a play on 'nothing else matters' (which obviously describes how I feel about my daughter), I really felt like this shade was an accurate depiction of little Layla. It's a medium pink that has a bit of sass to it with the metallic- and my daughter (despite being 9 months) is already sassy... i'm in so much trouble :x

Anyway, this is a polish I haven't had a chance to use yet,
and I felt it suited the objective for Day 1 very nicely.

That's it for me!
Thanks for reading!


  1. beautiful polish!

  2. I love it. Great polish and I love how you described both it and your daughter!

  3. this is such an adorable challenge! looking forward to the rest of the days!

    1. thanks, girl! i'm hoping to come up with some pretty fun stuff :)


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