another July 4th look & an 'All That Glitters' polish

There's so many things I want to do in honor of the holiday,
i don't think i'm going to be able to do them all :(... but i'm gonna do the best I can!
Which means packing posts chock full of as much as I can, haha.
I'm taking full advantage of this week of not having to do anything!

So, without further ado, the second look I've come up with for July 4th.
(see the other one here)

*i messed up the eyeliner on the left eye, oops :/
* inside, with flash

*natural light, no flash

So I just got the white eyeliner in the mail today, and i've been waiting for it to come in so that I could use it for another look. Everything else, I just kind of randomly tried. I like the look okay, but its definitely not something I would wear out in public. It was fun to create, though :)

I used:
Lime Crime's 'Siren' on most of eyelid
Urban Decay's 'Evidence' in outer corners
Lime Crime's 'Lunar Sea' eye liner 
(will be doing a review of this^ soon!)

Next up- polish!

This is 'Glitter Glory' from All That Glitters.
 I've been dying to snatch up some of her stuff,
and finally I caught her shop at a good time.
This polish is CHOCK FULL of teeny red, white, and blue hexagonal glitter.
The white is matte, while the red and blue are typical glitter.

Here I used just 2 coats of 'Glitter Glory'.
I absolutely love it.
This is the first polish i've had that's like this,
and now I see why everyone loves them.

what do you guys think of everything?!
let me know below,
& have a great night!


  1. the gradient on your eyes is just amazing, and i LOVE that polish!

  2. Your makeup is awesome. Almost a throwback to the 70s (I think it's the 70s...60s maybe?). And that polish is awesome!


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