Day 4: child's favorite movie

Good evening, everyone!
Today is Day 4 of the children's nail art challenge- favorite movie!
Again, seeing as how my daughter is too little to really have a favorite movie yet,
I just went with what one of MY favorite movies was as a child...

Fern Gully!

In case you've never seen this movie (for shame!),
it's about some fairies and animals that live in a giant tree in a rainforest.
Suddenly, humans come in and try to cut everything down,
so it's now the forest's inhabitant's new mission to stop them.
... sound familiar?
Yeah, James Cameron kind of TOTALLY stole the idea for Avatar :p

there were a million routes I could have gone for this mani.
Due to lack to time,
I decided to do some basic stamping.

So on my thumb you have a pathetically done sun,
with ferns and other plants on all my other fingers.
On the ring finger.... well, I was going for some whimsical fairy orbs or something,
but it just turned into colored dots... -.-

Obviously the ferns and plants apply because that's what the forest is made of,
and the idea behind the dots was to represent the whimsy behind the fairies,
since I'm not artistically talented enough to draw one of those :p

I used:
Thumb: NOPI's 'Khloe Had a Little Lam-Lam'; BM04 plate; Zoya 'Pippa' for sun
Pointer: Nubar's 'Reclaim'; BM19 plate
Middle: Zoya's 'Ivanka' BM03 plate
Ring: Nubar's 'Reclaim'; OPI's 'A Grape Fit'; China Glaze's 'White on White'
Pinky: Zoya's 'Ivanka'; BM03 plate

This definitely wasn't my favorite thing that I've ever done,
but it worked okay for this :/


  1. i love it! you did a great job! I actually only saw fern gully for the first time 4 years ago (when i was 18)! As a child my absolute favorite movie was Pocahontas. I always thought Avatar was a grown up version of Pocahontas :-P I'll stick to kids movies though!

  2. Ah ma gawd I LOVE this movie. "Price check on prune juice Bob, price check on prune juice." Robin Williams as Batty was insanely genius! My name is Batty, and logic is erratic.... I can quote almost all of his lines. Anyway, nice mani super cute! Your stamping is much better than mine.

  3. love this mani! great nail art.

  4. Fern Gully is the best! Good job :D


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