9 Days of my Head in the Gutter- Day 6

Hey guys!
Sorry for missing yesterday,
I had a BIT of a crazy night last night (which is when I usually write my posts for the next day) due to a party I had,
and never quite got the chance to blog :/

Speaking of that party (which was a sex toy/lingerie buying- type party),
today's polish was chosen because of it's relation to the aforementioned.

I bring you, 'Dining at the Pink Taco'.

Here's 2 coats of Dollish Polish's 'Dining at the Pink Taco'.
It's a medium hot pink with with hot pink glass shimmer.
I feel like this polish looks the most metallic-y so far.

This polish also is the most opaque of those of the collection i've shows you thus far.
It was basically opaque in 1 coat, but I added a second for good measure.

This title is quite entertaining,
so cheers to all you ladies out there who's significant other is, er, dining, there soon!


  1. beautiful pink, reminds me of candy :)
    hahahah you are too funny!

  2. LMAO dining there soon?!? Ahaha wonder what's the special? =P Great color. Hope you had fun at that party.


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