Day 10: child's favorite animal

Happy Thursday!
My classes are only M-R so this is like Friday for me :)

Today's theme is your child's favorite animal!
Being that she's barely old enough to remember all the animals she's seen (unless they're ones she's seen on a regular basis), my daughter's favorite animal seems to simply be- a dog!
Or puppy, rather. She can almost say it :)

So here's what I came up with:

So this is by no means original, but it's super simple 'nail art' which appeals to my minimalistic nature :) This kind of stuff is right up my alley.

* fluorescent light

Here I used 1 coats of NOPI's 'Hard Kourt Fashionista' as my base... LOVE the instant opacity and fluid-ness of this polish, by the way. The brush is perfect for me, too- fat and short. Just like my little nails! :p

I used ORLY's 'Rage' and Zoya's 'Jinx' for the puppy paw prints.
This ORLY is one of m top 10 favorite nail polishes ever. It's super smooth and really compliments my skin tone. Not to mention that i'm a sucker for foils :x

This is the first time i've used 'Jinx', which I got back around in March. I was saving it for the fall season but decided to try it out now anyway. Closer to fall, i'll definitely have a good swatch of it!

All in all, I realllllly like this color combo!
I know the nail art is very basic and simple, but again,
that works for me!


  1. this is adorable! i love the colors you used, they look great together, and the shimmery paw prints are so pretty! i might have to try that

  2. I LOVE IT. Ahem, I really really love it. Puppy paw prints. How cute is that?!? I agree that the color combo is awesome.


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