Daily Lacquer- 'I'll Fly Away'

So I have the second of the two Daily Lacquer polishes I bought back around Valentine's Day for you today. (see the first one here).
I'm much less pleased with this one,
and for some reason my camera (or the polish) WOULD NOT cooperate with the other :/

That being said, here's 3 coats of 'I'll Fly Away'.

'I'll Fly Away' is a "light turquoise (uhhh?) crelly polish" filled with matte pink hearts & flowers. It would have been a good idea for a V-day polish, but I feel that it's easily a good one for Springtime, too. 

Brand: Daily Lacquer
Type: Gliter Crelly
Formula: Pretty good
Opacity (1-5): 3
Application: Pretty good
Price:  $9
Get This: usually her Etsy, but she's currently on vacation. You can find some of her polishes here, on her other website.

I was pretty disappointed with this polish :/
 The glitter got lost & it just didn't look as good as I was expecting.
 However, the other I tried of hers I like very much,
& she has some pretty rad looking new polishes on her website! :)


  1. No ofense but this looks "blah" on nails. In the bottle looks gorgeous!
    Too bad, it had potential :D
    X Deja

    Deja Zu

    1. No, I totally agree! I came to the same conclusion :/ it's a bummer.

  2. it definitely looked like it could have been a winner! you win some, you lose some :(


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