Beer & Gradient fail

Bleh, so I attempted another gradient mani today.
This is only the third time i've done one,
& it's definitely my least successful :(
To compensate, I decided to add a cute St. Patty's day stamp!
.... and had little luck with that, too.
I just need to stick to makeup! :(

Despite the massive fail,
I figured i'd post anyway :/
(this was prior full cleanup!)

So I decided to use CG's 'Four Leaf Clover', 'Re-fresh Mint', & 'Kinetic Candy'.
I think done right, the combo could look really cool.
I just need to perfect my skill set a bit :/

I've been looking for ways to use some of my new Winstonia plates,
so the failed gradient presented a good opportunity.
I know a lot of people do pub crawls or drink/party for St. Patty's day,
so the little beer mug stamp fit perfect :)

Stay tuned for some (more decent) St. Patty's day manis in the next couple days! 

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  1. i'm terrible at gradients too! yours came out really good! way better than any of mine


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