Lush Lacquer- 'Gumballs'

Super quickly,
Here's 3 coats of Lush Lacquer's 'Gumballs'!

'Gumballs' is a milky, peach-colored base with matte neon pink, neon yellow, green, blue, and purple hexagonal  differently sized glitters throughout.
 I used it on it's own because it's pretty easy to reach opacity.
What do you think of LL's new look? Also, in case you haven't noticed, LL has some awesome new glitters out for summer! :)

Brand: Lush Lacquer
Type: Glitter
Formula: Pretty good, slightly more gloopy than I would have liked
Opacity (1-5): 4
Application: Pretty good!
Price:  $9

What do you guys think of this polish?
I like that it's unlike any other polish I have right now,
especially with the peach base.
The neon glitters are also more subtle than typical neons,
so I feel they give the look a more Spring than Summer look to it,
and I like that.


I enjoy reading & appreciate any and all comments! This whole blog is still a work in progress and i'm learning more about the nail/beauty world everyday... I appreciate any feedback & knowledge you provide! :)